13th Dec

13 Dec

Arrived on time.  Michelle was leading the session.  Met Ed again and this time  Charlotte and Hannah.  Session was busy again, but this time I felt a little more confident with the kids in the class.

The children seem to like the staff – When we were outside waiting for everyone a few would come to Charlotte and give her a hug.

Reflection after todays session:

One teacher managing a class of 30 kids – HOW!!??  A challenge to look forward to!


6th Dec – First Day at Into Uni

13 Dec

Arrived at 3.15pm at the centre.  All the staff were really relaxed and friendly.  Ed passed through briefly before he took some children on a planned outing.  It’s only Ed’s name I remember.  I seem to remember the names Hannah and Charlotte but can’t put faces to them.

The session was NOT what I expected! –  I anticipated about 10 children sitting quietly working.   There were abut 40 children NOT sitting quietly and some trying to work.  Lots of noise, and getting uip and down.

The centre is well resourced and organised.  They have a good structure in place which all the kids are aware of.  Like line up and wait to be brought in,  Register and sit where you have been asked to.  Merit system.  prize giving.  A support worker on each table.

I came away feeling good – but with my eyes open a little wider!!